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Featured Artist: Bic Walker

Bic originally started Bic Walker designs as an outlet to express her story as a child refugee. She soon found that people were connecting with her images in very different personal ways, which inspired her to delve further into her imagination to develop illustrations that tap into a broad range of positive emotions and experiences.

Today, Bic Walker Designs offers an extensive range of unique imaginative designs that connect on both an emotional and sensory level. These fresh new designs can be enjoyed in multiple forms, from affordable canvas artworks, greeting cards, gift tags and invitations.

Bic Walker is the author and illustrator of “A Safe Place to Live” an autobiographical children’s book recounting her personal journal as a child refugee, escaping war torn Vietnam at the age of four. Fleeing Vietnam with her Family in 1979 on a tiny boat bound for freedom, the events that transpired are the stuff of Hollywood movies. Attacked by pirates and left drifting in the open ocean without fuel or food, the family was finally rescued by a Canadian oil tanker and transported to Malaysia where they waited for 6 months before being taken to Australia.

A self taught artist and illustrator Bic is now the author of four children’s books including “Hope”, proceeds of which go directly to her chosen charity “Hope For Cambodian Children Orphanage.”

Based in Melbourne Australia, Bic is also a qualified Architect which has significantly influenced her art, colours and compositions. She holds a deep passion for art, interior design and architecture.

Bic’s artwork and cards can all be found at Paper Republic, Camberwell