Mixed dindi Hemp Fibre Soaps
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100% Natural: oils and beauty products


Do come in and make yourself at home with our gorgeous range of home decor items.

Find delight in our range of adorable and environmentally-friendly bits and pieces, supporting local, fair trade initiatives. Revitalise with our selection of renowned remedial soaps, made with locally grown virgin olive oil, nourishing plant butters, soothing milks, pure essential oils and organic herbs. What’s more, we stock unique cushions, european napkins, prestigious diffusers and fragrant wooden wick candles that create the soothing sound of a crackling fire as they burn. Support peace in honour of Sadako’s legacy with Hope In A Box — origami decorations with a story. Or it might just be happy pills that you need, encapsulating inspirational quotes to help brighten your day. Our Fair Trade Kenyan Kisii stones are lovingly hand carved, dried, inscribed, coloured and polished by Masai villagers, all for a good cause.

Enter the field of enchantment with our timeless posters and vintage prints, framed or loose drawing inspiration from antique anatomical charts, vintage travel guides, maps and botanical plates, as well as old Italian cinema, the advertising world, theatre, opera, art, nature, food and all things urban.

Fusing the old with the new in a collection that spans hundreds of years and preserves everything from the most temporal of works to the most rare and iconic. These prints are accurately reproduced with carefully matched image and colour on superior quality archival paper. Adored by many, what’s more is that these popular prints double as wrapping paper and posters, typically 500 x 700mm in size. Each print holds its own, capturing the motion and depth in a moment’s story with a playful elegance suited to the decor of any setting.

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