Father’s Day gift guide: Treat your dad to a unique present from Paper Republic

Father’s Day gift guide: Treat your dad to a unique present from Paper Republic

The best Father’s Day gifts are the ones that are much like Dad himself: unique, classic, yet one-of-a-kind.

So, when it comes to shopping for a unique, beautiful, high-quality gift for Dad this Father’s Day, there’s just one place to head to: Paper Republic.

Paper Republic is stocked with fabulous items for Father’s Day. Here’s our gift guide.

Mugs and plates

Instead of giving Dad a ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug, give him a mug and plate set that tells him he’s the best – and deserves the best.

Hammade’s range of mugs and plates include striking, elegant designs that are each individual works of art and will make a stylish accessory on Dad’s desk or coffee table. Or if your dad loves dogs, you’re sure to find the sweetest dog designs in the Sweet William mug range.

Handy gadgets

If your dad’s idea of a perfect weekend is one spent tinkering, there’s a gadget he’ll love at Paper Republic.

Check out the Diesel & Dutch range for stylishly presented tools that combine functionality with class, including the Camping Cutlery Multi-Tool, the Pocket Pliers Multi-Tool, the Hammer Multi-Tool, and the Pocket LED Light Multi-Tool.

Leather journals

Whether he’s an avid writer of thoughts and ideas, or simply sees note-taking as an exercise worthy of luxury, Dad will love a leather-bound journal or notebook from Paper Republic.

Paper Republic has an extensive range of leather journals to choose from this Father’s Day. Opt for a leather journal handmade in Italy and distinctively European in style, or choose one that features a wrap-around tie – the kind that has been loved by poets and writers throughout the ages.

View our range of leather journals here.

Coffee table books

For a dad that loves a lifestyle read that doubles as a stylish item in the living room, consider one of our fashionable coffee table books.

Our collection includes everything from cocktail books, to gardening books, and the ever-popular Lonely Planet travel books.

View our range of coffee table books here.

A stylish fountain pen

Fountain pens have traditionally been given to mark momentous achievements and are kept, treasured and eventually become family heirlooms. What greater achievement can there be than being a wonderful father?

Monteverde’s range of classic fountain pens are inspired by the minimalist movement of the 1960s and ‘70s, where clean lines, classic designs and beautiful colours merge with the latest technology for a streamlined, classic look.

No one knows more about fountain pens than the Germans, and LAMY’s range of fountain pens combine the latest in writing technology, with sleek, modern German design.

A card that says it all

At Paper Republic, gift cards aren’t a last-minute add on to the perfect gift – they are part of the perfect gift.

Make sure every part of your Father’s Day gift is beautiful and thoughtful, with a card from Paper Republic’s extensive range of cards that are gorgeous to the eye and beautiful to the touch.

If Dad appreciates a chuckle that leans to the intellectual, choose a card from The New Yorker range which features a relevant cartoon or cover from the iconic magazine. Or for the dad of little words who is low on fuss, check out Lagom Design’s clean, stylish design that simply says ‘Dad – you’re frickin’ awesome’.

View our range of cards for Dads here.

Paper Republic Father's Day boot shining gift set

Ready-made gift sets

There are few things that delight a man more than a set; gifts that are complete in themselves and that do the job and then pack away smartly. Paper Republic has some stylishly packaged gift sets for Father’s Day.

For the dad who appreciates personal care, check out the Gents Beard and Moustache Grooming Box Set; the dad who enjoys a tipple will love the Gents Gin Glass and Rocks Box Set; and for the dad who won’t even think about walking out the door with scuffed shoes, how about the Gents Bootlicker Shoe Shine Box Set?

If you’re still stuck for ideas on what to get Dad for Father’s Day, pop into Paper Republic and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help you find the perfect gift.

Every quality and unique gift can also be beautifully wrapped by our professional wrappers, ready for giving to your special dad.