Looking for beautiful, unique gifts? Here’s why Paper Republic is your one-stop shop

Looking for beautiful, unique gifts? Here’s why Paper Republic is your one-stop shop

The perfect gift: it’s something we all aspire to giving, that one item as beautiful as it is thoughtful; as special and unique as the person you’re handing it to; something to be treasured and remembered.

While finding a beautiful and unique gift might sound like an ominous task, it’s really just a case of knowing where to shop, and the only name you need to know is Paper Republic.

When it comes to finding everything to complete the perfect gift, including the wrapping and card, Paper Republic is your one-stop shop.

Find a great range of unique and beautiful gifts

Paper Republic, a premium gift shop located in Camberwell, understands that the most loved gifts are the ones that bring a smile to someone’s face every time they glance at it or use it, not just because it’s beautiful, but because of the thought that went into selecting a gift so unique and so special.

It’s the Ritma fountain pen your parents gave you on your graduation, or the handcrafted Italian leather journal your best friend gave you to record your experiences of new motherhood. Maybe it’s the Hungarian made photo album for capturing memories of your first trip overseas, or the luxurious Wavertree & London candle you gave to yourself because self-care is your new normal.

Whether you’re buying a gift for a particular occasion like birthdays or weddings, or whether you just want a gift that will be remembered and cherished, you’ll find the perfect gift in Paper Republic’s eclectic range of writing and stationery products, homewares, books and beauty selections.

Everything gifting under the one roof

Paper Republic is a gift shop that offers the end-to-end gift giving experience.

That means you can walk into Paper Republic with no idea of what you’re after and walk out with the perfect gift, beautifully wrapped and with a stunning, handwritten card attached.

Forget spending hours running from shop to shop searching for gift wrap, ribbon and a generic card – Paper Republic has a wide range of quality wrapping paper, with designs so stunning they look like they should be framed and hanging on the wall.

Choose from boutique boxed card sets and single greeting cards, including handcrafted glitter cards from the USA, funky and funny designs from the UK, and locally made cards featuring iconic Australian artists.

Best yet, when you choose the gift, wrapping paper and card from the one store, you can create a gift and wrapping combination that has a perfectly coordinated aesthetic.


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Try our concierge service

Any gift from Paper Republic will be unique and beautiful, but why not make it extra special with our concierge service?

If you’re shopping online, that means a personalised, handwritten message on the greeting card and complimentary gift wrapping by a professional who believes every gift needing wrapping is an opportunity to create art. Simply select the service on check out.

Shopping in our store? Ask about our concierge service and have a dedicated staff member help you with your gift selection, work with you on your vision of presentation, and wrap the gift as a complimentary service.

Whether you’re celebrating life’s most meaningful events like weddings, birthdays, and graduations, or the people you love the most, Paper Republic is your one-stop shop for that perfect gift.

Shop our full range of products here.