Shop history: How long has Paper Republic been around for?

Shop history: How long has Paper Republic been around for?

There was a time when the quality of a gift or everyday item was defined by its beauty, craftsmanship, and luxury.

A time when cards were treasured not just by their message, but how the paper felt in your hand; when journals were leather-bound and had the aroma of the next great novel in progress; when home scents created rich, inspiring and unforgettable aromas.

This focus on quality, luxury and beauty has become rare nowadays but can be found on the shelves of Paper Republic.

It’s the very reason why so many people ask: how long has Paper Republic been around for?

How long has Paper Republic been around for?

Paper Republic originally opened in September 2013 in a store tucked away in Market Place in the Camberwell Junction shopping precinct.

While it was small in size, Paper Republic was big on dreams and a commitment to timeless quality and elegance.

It was a dream shared by the people of Camberwell, who embraced the beauty of its artisan products and over the next few years grew its following of loyal customers.

By late 2016, Paper Republic required a bigger space, and this, combined with the desire of the owners to share its beautiful wares with the wider community, facilitated the move to a more prominent location in the shopping precinct.

Paper Republic moved to Camberwell Junction’s retail heartland, at 638 Burke Rd, and have been located there ever since.

By mid-2020, the rise in demand for Paper Republic’s beautiful gifts and paper products led the owners to launch an e-commerce store, taking its product range to discerning shoppers across Australia and New Zealand.

The history of Paper Republic will reach a major milestone in September 2023, when it celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

Product range expands as store grows

The history of Paper Republic has always been based on a desire to share the beauty and quality of its exquisite artisan products.

The store began with a strong focus on stationery – something that has defined Paper Republic – with customers taking a keen interest in products like Manufactus journals, Cavallini & Co. wraps, and Kartos writing sets, all of which are still popular today.

Since moving to 638 Burke Rd in Camberwell, the growth in dedicated customers has meant that Paper Republic has been able to greatly expand its range of products, and now offers an extensive variety of greeting cards, homewares, and beautiful gifts.

Most notably, the range of greeting cards has more than doubled, becoming the most popular item in stock – and their quirky, artistic, and unique designs is something Paper Republic has become famous for.

Paper Republic now stocks hundreds of different greeting cards from boutique suppliers and artists, sourced both locally and abroad, including brands such as Simon Drew, The New Yorker, and Verrier.

“People love the variety of our greeting cards – we sell thousands and thousands of them every year,” said Paper Republic owner Tim Hampton.

“One of our greatest joys is watching our customers’ expressions of delight and joy as they browse.”

‘A real desire for quality and beauty’

Paper Republic’s customer base is incredibly loyal, and many of them are repeat buyers. Mr Hampton said most of his day is spent chatting with and sharing products with old friends.

“People have been buying from us for many years,” he said.

“Customers who first walked through the door in 2013 are still shopping with us.”

The expansion of Paper Republic’s product range is also testament to the shop’s credibility, Mr Hampton said.

“The fact that we have expanded our product range into hundreds of different brands and suppliers from around the world says to us that there is a real desire for quality and beauty, and that Paper Republic successfully feeds that need,” he said.

Renowned for extensive range of quality products

Paper Republic’s reputation for selling a wide selection of unique and interesting gifts, many of which are sourced from overseas, is the hallmark of the company’s history and the key to its success.

“The customer experience in our store is a standout factor, and that is what we get positive feedback on all the time – our consultative selling approach and helpful staff,” Mr Hampton said.

“And we go to a lot of effort to maintain those relationships.”

So, how long has Paper Republic been around for? As the shop approaches its 10th birthday, the answer would be a decade – but those who appreciate quality and beauty will say the values that underpin their wares are as old as time and will live long into the future.