The Paper Republic story

The finest products from across the globe

Paper Republic was launched in Melbourne, Australia in 2014, and has built a strong following of loyal customers in Melbourne and beyond.

Paper Republic returns to an era where beautiful things endure. We proudly present an outstanding range of paper-based products in a relaxed and inviting retail shopping experience in Camberwell, only a few kilometres from the Melbourne CBD.

We source high-quality artisan creations from around the globe, accompanied by a strong focus on Australian designed and manufactured products, which feature heavily throughout the store.

Our large selection of stationery, boutique greeting cards, journals, calligraphy sets, origami paper and giftware makes Paper Republic a favourite retail destination.

Our extensive range of quality overseas products include:

  • Cavallini journals, decorative wraps and vintage-design calendars from the USA
  • La La Land cards and gifts from Australia
  • Duomo handcrafted leather journals from Italy
  • Moleskine journals from Italy
  • Leuchtturm journals from Germany
  • Rossi letterpress and decorative wrapping paper from Italy
  • Original Crown Mill stationery from Belgium
  • Blue Island Press cards and wall calendars from Australia
  • Ambiente paper napkins from the Netherlands
  • Monteverde ballpoint and fountain pens from the USA
  • Pepin decorative papers and placemats from the Netherlands
  • Palomino Blackwing pencils and sharpeners from Japan
  • Medioevalis decorative stationery from Italy
  • Verrier handcrafted cards from the USA
  • Simon Drew humorous cards from the UK
  • Paperblanks journals and diaries from Canada
  • Write to Me recipe books from Australia
  • Galison boxed card sets from the USA
  • Istituto Fotocromo Italiano decorative wraps and vintage calendars from Italy
  • Ham rabbit prints, mugs and cards from the UK
  • Sweet William dog cards and mugs from the UK
  • Wavertree and London candles, soaps and diffusers from Australia
  • S.E. Hagarman handcrafted greeting cards from the USA
  • Bomo Art decorative wraps, photo albums and greeting cards from Hungary
  • Decomposition books from the USA
  • Bespoke letterpress and stationery from Australia
  • Peter Pauper cards, stationery and guest books from the USA
  • Paula Skene foil stamped and embossed greeting cards from the USA
  • Rosie Made a Thing greeting cards from the UK
  • Sugai World decorative paper clips and cards from Japan
  • Jeremy Boot cards and calendars from Australia
  • And much, much more!