LAMY SAFARI Ballpoint Pen - White/Red


LAMY SAFARI Ballpoint Pen – White/Red


Based on a Japan-exclusive design marking the Safari’s 30th Anniversary, LAMY’s Safari White/Red has been a sought-after collector’s item for over a decade. Grab yourself a functional piece of stationery history, with a striking design that you don’t need to be a pen historian to appreciate.

The White Safari made LAMY’s cult-favourite pen into the global bestseller we know and love today, and the addition of contrasting red accents adds a playful sense to a timeless design that feels modern while respecting the classic lines of the original.

Created by Wolfgang Fabian, the designer behind many of LAMY’s most beloved pens, the safari’s rugged construction was revolutionary – finally, students could enjoy a robust, comfortable pen that was built to last. And last it did, with its classic design remaining essentially unchanged for four decades as it continues to be one of LAMY’s best-loved pens.

With a lightweight build and fine balance, the Safari’s sturdy plastic is moulded to fit neatly in your hand, making handwriting a comfortable and graceful affair. Easy to top up with LAMY’s own M16 refill, the Safari is a beautiful fountain pen that will make an impression whether it’s your first or your fiftieth.


Ballpoint pen
Medium – 1mm tip
Black ink
Refill with LAMY M16 giant ballpoint refill
13.8cm long
Made with ABS plastic, chrome clip
Made in Germany. Designed by Wolfgang Fabian

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Colour: White / Red

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