Palomino Blackwing 651 Graphite Pencil
Palomino Blackwing 651 Graphite Pencil
Palomino Blackwing 651 Graphite Pencil

Palomino Blackwing 651 Graphite Pencil


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That yellow-and-black colour scheme is instantly recognisable. Popping up everywhere from Kill Bill to Animal Crossing to Spongebob Squarepants, the iconic Game of Death jumpsuit is visual shorthand for speed, power and deadly precision, but Bruce Lee’s legacy goes way beyond his martial arts prowess. Blackwing’s Volume 651 (named for the address of Lee’s first formal school – 651 S. Weller Street in Seattle) celebrates all aspects of an almost-mythical figure: the fighter, the the movie star, and the philosopher.

With a physical prowess that’s still startling today, it’s easy to focus on Bruce Lee’s martial artistry and lose sight of everything else. His preternatural grace and impossible speed was nothing short of magical, but there was more to him than being really good at hitting people. A seasoned student of drama, philosophy and dance as well as a bevy of martial arts, Lee brought a meditative quality to his work on screen, spending much of his off-screen time reflecting and developing his personal philosophy.

Those ideas, like his elegantly simple “be water” principle, were jotted down by hand in a notebook, which he carried with him everywhere he went. Combining ideas from various sources like Taoism and Zen Buddhism with more contemporary spirituality and his own self-reflections, these ideas would work their way into both his movies and his own martial art, Jeet Kune Do.

Volume 651 honours the complexities of Bruce Lee, a wise and thoughtful man reduced to a 2D image by myth-making and movies.


Extra Firm graphite core
Each pencil measures 20.5cm long; 0.75cm barrel diameter
Suits writing
Features replaceable yellow eraser, silver ferrule
Made with an incense-cedar barrel and graphite formulation lead.
Made in the USA

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