Spring Collection Soy Candle -  Red Cockatoo by Chern'ee Sutton

Light & Glo

Spring Collection Soy Candle – Red Cockatoo by Chern’ee Sutton


Natural soy candles that smell good, look good and do good.

Grounded in aromatherapy, our carefully blended, premium fragrances don’t just smell amazing but help you to relax, refresh, revitalize and reignite your senses.

Hand poured in Melbourne, Australia our natural soy candles have wood wicks that crackle delightfully, like a tiny open fireplace. And our jars and packaging have been beautifully curated with collaborating artists to bring an effortlessly cool aesthetic to any space.

But our mission doesn’t stop at creating beautiful products. The entire Light & Glo range is produced with ethical and sustainable practices, responsible sourcing of materials and a strong social conscience.

Decadent mouth-watering Illawarra Plum with pops of native pepper and the earthy sketching of patchouli make for a scent match made to delight.

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